Friday, January 30, 2009

Download Giles County Charter Petition

Click HERE to download a PDF file of the Giles County Charter Petition which you can print, then sign and return to the address at the top of the petition. Of course, you must be a registered voter of Giles County Tennessee to sign the petition.

You may print as many copies as you need. Please ask your family and friends to also sign and return, we need the help of all concerned citizens. THANK YOU for your help in reforming Giles County Government.

If you have problems downloading, please contact us: and we will send you copies via postal mail.

Monday, January 26, 2009

How will Giles County Benefit from 'Home Rule'?

Provided in the Charter could be such things as ...

Taxpayers elect School Director rather than being appointed by School Board

Term limits for elected officials where allowed by law

Courthouse to be open forty hours a week to include one evening or half day Saturday

Taxpayers must vote on all tax increases or decreases

Recall vote for government officials where allowed by law

Provision for People's Initiative

Detailed job descriptions for elected officials

All job openings in Giles Government must be advertised properly

No hiring of immediate family members by department heads

Reduce number of commissioners serving in each district to two

Enable commissioners to adopt ordinances

Sunshine Law must be adhered to or fine imposed on offenders

Commissioners who are an employee of the county denied ability to vote on appropriations or budgets

Court house open for business forty hours each week

All County Financial statements and Contracts available on line

Copies of All County Checks and disbursements online